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Care instructions

First days

It’s very low maintenance and will only need a little care and attention. As the composition has usually been put together earlier in the week, its plants have to acclimatise to their new environment. Stress caused by changing light and humidity may lead to falling, yellowing leaves or mould, which should be removed as soon as possible. We encourage you to keep a close eye on your terrarium in its first month.


Moderately tropical

Your terrarium contains plants in a humid and warm environment. It should be placed in a room with a temperature of 15–27ºC. When the temperature tops 27ºC, keep the container open and five it the water that it needs.


A few leaves from time to time

Prune the plants a little when their leaves touch the sides of the glass. Cut the branches above the sprouting leaves and leave the lid of the container open for 24 hours to help the plants recover.


Use the soil as your guide

When the soil at the foot of the main tree is dry to the touch, it’s time to water your terrarium (often just once a year). Using filtered or rain water, spray the sides, bottom of the plants and parts covered in gravel, taking care not to get the moss too wet. Depending on the size of the container, use 50–300ml of water.


Essential for photosynthesis

Place the terrarium close to a window but away from direct sunlight. If it’s 3ft from a north-facing window or overlooking a courtyard, the plant won’t get the light that it needs to grow! Remember to turn the terrarium round every week for even exposure.

You can increase the light levels in the daytime using a daylight bulb (6200–6500K) for 8 hours a day, placed less than 3ft from the terrarium.


Not too much

Condensation is essential to the balance of the opposition. It runs down, watering plants below. It concentrates on the coldest side of the glass. Turn the terrarium often so that it runs down evenly.

If the container fills with thick condensation that stops you seeing the plants, that’s a sign that the plant has received too much heat or sunlight. If the condensation looks unattractive, open the container and run your hand along the inside of the glass to make it run down more quickly.


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