Four Store Workshop on Wed 28 Feb 18.00

Artisan terrarium-making workshop for novices and pros alike—come along, from £55pp with a partner

Making an authentic terrarium at Four Store means using decorative layers and amazing plants, like bonsai, the essence of the quintessential terrarium. Planting includes: Ficus ginseng (bonsai tree), Fittonia, cushion moss, gravel and stones.

• Take away your terrarium masterpiece
• Small group workshop guarantee
• 90 mins duration

Choose from 4 terrarium shapes (see gallery):

£110 — Jurassic
£130 — Escape S or Hero S
£225 — Forest

Got a workshop request or query, please contact us on 020 7739 5008 /, or visit us instore today.  Browse store > / Private workshops >



Additional information

Choose which terrarium you'd like to make:

Jurassic £110 (one person), Jurassic £110 (two sharing), Escape £130 (one person), Escape £130 (two sharing), Hero £130 (one person), Hero £130 (two sharing), Forest £225 (one person), Forest £225 (two sharing)