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Terrariums by Green Factory
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Green Factory, from Paris, has been making terrariums for over 15 years.

Each glass jar is its own ecosystem, very easy to maintain and calmingly beautiful. They require watering just once or twice a year, deeming them almost self-sufficient.

We believe their peaceful nature provides great balance to our increasingly busy lifestyles. Here in our store we hold over 20 kinds, varying in size and shape, each containing a world of rich greenery.

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Shop terrariums by Green Factory in Shoreditch at Four Store London

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Did you know?

The concept of soil and plants in an enclosed glass vessel, or terrariums, originate back to the 1840s when English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward is credited for the invention. The trend spread throughout the Victorian era and they were known as the Wardian case. His experiment indicated that plants can be sealed without ventilation and continue to thrive, and here we are today still enjoying the beauty of terrariums.