Delivery information

Orders including terrariums: £20

Delivered by hand to London addresses only.
This applies to all terrariums due to their delicate nature.

Orders placed by 13.00 will be delivered next working day (Monday to Friday).

Orders including Hydro Herb items: £5 (£10 for Trio)

Delivered by First Class mail nationwide.

Orders including heavier items: £15

Delivered by Recorded mail nationwide.
This applies to lamps and oil burners, for example.
This does not include terrariums (see above).

Orders including large items: £7.50

Delivered by Recorded mail nationwide.
This applies to kokedama and speakers, for example.
This does not include terrariums, lamps or oil burners (see above).

Orders of small items only: £4

Delivered by First Class mail nationwide.
This applies to tool kits and diffuser oils, for example.

Refund/Replanting Policy

We always strive to make your terrariums the best they can be. When purchasing a terrarium from us, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our returns and replanting policy should you need to get in touch regarding your terrarium in the future.

When we make our terrariums, we put them through a two-week incubation period in our studio before going on sale, so that the plants are well settled into their sealed environments. This helps to ensure that your terrariums become successful self-sustaining ecosystems.

However, if your terrarium is looking worse for wear and the plants are suffering within 30 days of purchase/delivery from us we will happily replant your terrarium for you free of charge, providing all care instructions have been followed. We will cover the cost of shipping the terrarium back to us if required.

After the 30 day free-returns window has passed, we will not be able to cover the costs of shipping or replanting your terrarium. After this point we can replant your terrarium for you, but will charge a small replanting fee and ask you to cover the cost of delivering your terrarium to and from our store. Alternatively, you can drop off/collect your terrarium from our store for free.

All our terrariums are bespoke and made with attention, expertise, love and care. Each one is unique, so there are small variations between each and every terrarium we make. We ask all our customers to understand the slight variable nature of our terrariums and that we are not able to change the design of a terrarium for free subsequent to purchase/delivery. However, we do appreciate that occasionally you might wish your terrarium looked differently to how we made it. If you would like us to change or add plants to your terrarium for purely aesthetic reasons only, then you will be required to cover a re-design and re-planting fee. You will also need to cover delivery/collection of your terrarium from our store.