Order online for doorstep delivery or instore collection, and a free holding service, at your convenience. Our Shoreditch Store is open 7 days a week.

Please note, due to their delicate nature, terrariums are delivered by hand and currently available to London addresses only. Please get in touch and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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Terrariums | Artisan terrariums

Amazing miniature gardens made by hand and designed to thrive indoors. Creating their own microclimate within the glass vessel, terrariums require very little maintenance all year round. Available in all shapes, sizes and configurations.

Terrarium-Making Workshops | Shoreditch

Join us for a 90-minute class to learn about the wonderful science and history of terrariums and craft your very own to take home with you. Choose from Saturday or Sunday slots, commencing January 2022.

Sound | Radio Speakers by Muzen

Every environment needs sound. Explore our range of miniature retro radios.

Aroma | Burners & Diffuser Oils

Explore our range of apothecary style burners and original diffuser oils. Enhance your atmosphere with calming scents, delightful for the home.

Grow Bar | Seed Collections

Grow your own greens, edibles and flowers from these amazing one-stop seed collections.

Self-grow Herbs | Hydro Herb

An innovative range of herbs to easily grow at home. Each environmentally friendly kit includes a hydroponic solution, coir jiffy pellets and container made of recycled wine bottles—ready to start right away.

Plants | Kokedama & Bonsai

Freestanding bonsai trees and air plants, easy to look after indoors and beautiful on the eye.

Ceramics | Miniatures by SGW Lab

Beautiful, artisan, miniature pots by SGW Lab. Each made by hand in London by ceramic artist Yuta Segawa.